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[log] Kaya & Atsushi

Business as usual plus a little more. PGish.

With the setting of the sun came a rise in the laughing and empty smiles of feudal lords. Crooks or saviors, the span of diverse fancification was endless among this crowd. One such member was in an elevator, checking his reflection in the shine of the elevator walls. Black hair was folded under a jaw length blond wig, a flowered embellishment bobbypinned expertly to tilt to the left. A white lolita dress, plainer than most, glossy gloves spanning the distance of finger and mid bicep. Pure tights of a lacey design and white pumps with little bows on the straps completed tonight's artwork. Kaya had some meetings to attend later in the evening, the endless rounds of socializing and advertising that came with his underground profession. Such things he liked to look good for. Hell, it wasn't as if he ever required an excuse to dress up, it was a status quo.

A dull ping and he strolled out of the elevator, nodding and giving a warm smile to the receptionist. He knocked softly on the door to the office himself.

Eyes closed Atsushi sat with his collar unbuttoned and sleeves rolled up to the elbow, his feet atop the mahogany desk before him. It was easy enough to fall asleep in such a spot with the sun’s light pouring in through one large window directly onto him. Warm and pleasant, he’d much rather sleep in the office than in his own bed some days. It was this reason that he rarely accomplished anything on days he decided to spend at the office. That, and the fact that he’d recently had a large liquor cabinet put in the room and said cabinet happened to be filled with liquor.

A drink would be nice right about now.

One eye opened at that thought, its gaze set upon the bottles and glasses that took up much space in that particular spot in the room. The other took after the first and soon he was up, one long stride after another taking him to his destination. He popped the glass open and took what had recently become his favourite wine glass. With his free hand he reached into the cabinet and pulled from it a red wine, one he’d yet to sample. Once the cork was out he poured it with skill in to the glass and closed it again with one of his own wine stoppers.

Wine in hand he returned to his desk and leaned against it, his back to the door as he looked out at the city through the window. Just as he drank deeply from the glass there was a knock from behind him. He turned and held in a sigh. He did, after all, schedule a meeting for this time with Kaya and so he couldn’t complain. Still, Atsushi had been enjoying his privacy and would have preferred to pretend he wasn’t in. Nevertheless, he set his glass upon the desk and strolled to the other side of the room to let Kaya in. “’evening.” He said, holding the door open.

Bowing slightly, fingers delicately moving his skirt in a curtsey, Kaya greeted his boss. A warm smile and Kaya clasped his hands in front of his lap. "Good evening."

Atsushi nodded slightly and shut the door behind him when Kaya entered the room. He made an effort to keep focused on anything that happened to not be a man in a dress as he wandered back to his desk. It didn’t bother him that he was in a dress, oh no, it was simply the fact that the, er, man looked better than some women he knew. It was …distracting. “Ahh thank you for coming,” Atsushi said, trying not to think about that and leaning on his desk. He was quick to slip his fingers around the neck of his neglected wine glass. “Would you care for something to drink?”

Oblivious and yet completely tuned into his boss' reactions to him, Kaya offered an innocent smile and nod. "I would adore a glass of wine, if you wouldn't mind. Is it fruity?" Whether or not he intended that as a joke was as ambiguous as his preferred gender, Kaya closing the door to the office respectfully behind himself before traversing the space between him and the chair before Atsushi's desk.

Sitting was a form of art, a slow sink in liquid grace and his left crossed over right. White slid up on white, a streak of thigh revealed in the midst of long, shapely calves.

Atsushi chose not to respond at that moment as he busied himself with Kaya’s wine. Once finished he carefully took the glass, filled nearly to the brim, in his hands, rings clinking against the hard surface as he did and handed it to Kaya. Instead of sitting on the desk he returned to the leather chair behind it with no such grace. He sat almost slouched, legs spread apart with one hand lazily between and the other draped over the armrest. “You tell me,” he said finally as he reached for his own drink.

Kaya accepted the wine with both hands. "Thank you." A quiet sip was taken, careful to not leave lipstick stains. Widened, fake blue eyes focused on his employer at the stated question. "Hm? Oh, the wine? Yes, it is very pleasantly so. Sweet. I like that, though dry whites can work wonders."

Atsushi nodded in agreement before drinking from his glass. He was surprised to find that he’d let him self drink more than half already. Ah, well, there was always more where that came from. He set his down, folded his hands together and set them on his lap. “Business is going well, I assume.” Atsushi said, changing the subject. He’d not been spending as much time as he’d like to checking up on those he employed but his focus lately had remained solely on the task Kirito had bestowed on him. Even now he was not entirely sure what he should do. Convincing others to provide funding would be easy enough but there seemed to be few that would be willing to run in an election for the mafia.

Oblivious, Kaya nodded, a pleased smile overtaking a cordial one. Kaya, as the only pimp currently employed specifically by his gang, was fabulously successful. This was a fact he loved to be reminded of, even indirectly. Beneath that soft, fair skin laid a calculating sadist, one of the many personalities manifest in this shapeshifting body. That and his A type blood made him a fierce competitor and soon all rich men who frequented the Ginza distract and its outliers had to go through Kaya to get the pretty, upscale fucks they desired. The topic change itself a particulary stimulating one for him, Kaya playfully switched, opposite leg crossing over the other. "It's going marvelously."

“Good,” Atsushi responded, his eyes momentarily falling to Kaya’s legs, open skin in particular. Quickly he looked up, not at Kaya but at a lovely notepad that sat upon his desk. “Good,” he repeated without realizing it, his mind wandering.

"Mmhm." Kaya's smile ground out to full, with teeth, gaze lowering to then peek at him from beneath eyelashes. "Very, very good."

Atsushi could not make eye contact… not with that kind of look anyway. He pushed his fingers through his hair, ridding himself of strays that had become bothersome. “It is impressive,” Atsushi said slowly, taking his glass in his hand again, “how you’ve managed to secure a monopoly of sorts. You obviously have a flair for business, Kayachan.” Or something. Whatever it was, Kaya was certainly doing it right and all attraction aside he was truly impressed in Kaya’s success.

Blossoming in pure pleasure under the compliments, Kaya dipped his head demurely, a hand rising to modestly cover his smile. "I'm very happy then, to have served you so. My services are always at your disposal, my lord."

His mouth opened and closed several times, the intention of speaking there but no words coming to mind at that moment. Concentration had been severed once again by the simple act of calling him lord. It made him feel awkward and pleased at the same time. He sighed. At this point he assumed his distraction was obvious and decided it best to make up some sort of excuse so that any uncomfortable questions could be avoided. “I apologize if I seem detached,” he started, making the rest up as he went. “Recently I’ve come into partnership with someone who has given me what is proving to be a complicated assignment.” It was partially true, he supposed.

"Oh dear... Well, if there is anything within my power to do for you that would help you, all you need do is command." A respectful dip of the head, a bow from seated state. Kaya sniffled a little, eyes wandering up wide to Atsushi.

“Running for Prime Minister would be a start,” Atsushi said, joking. He finished off his wine and returned to pour himself more. “Whether or not I’m supposed to be telling anyone this I don’t know, but I trust you have enough self control to keep it to yourself for the time being.” He turned to face Kaya. “Kumicho Kirito and I have recently begun a… business venture.” The business thus far being a proposed political takeover of Japan. “And I am to find a suitable candidate…”

"Of course, my lord..." but Atsushi continued and Kaya listened intently, full attention and focus given unconditionally. When he finished, Kaya drew in a deep breath. "I see. Do you require any information or? Many of my girls, as you know, have the beds of the politicians."

“Yes, I am aware,” Atsushi replied. “Information is not what makes this difficult. The problem is that I cannot trust any of them. Their loyalty is always placed with those who have the highest bid and that is not something I can ensure I will have forever. I am unsure if their motives for remaining true to our agreements are simply based on convenience or because they truly see value in it.”

"Hmm... that is difficult. So many people don't have their priorities straight." A quiet sigh and the foot suspended in the air began to bounce a little, up and down, it's owner too lost in thought to smother it. "If it would please you, I can investigate candidates, try to decipher their motives, acquire blackmail and so forth. On a personal note, I find it quite ridiculous that anyone would hesitate on a chance to bring you glory."

“That would be fantastic of you,” Atsushi said smiling as he returned to his seat. It would help if he knew who could and could not be trusted. “It is unfortunate that I’ve few to place trust in when it comes to important matters such as this. It would make my job so much easier. But I am not a strong leader,” he admitted. Atsushi was well aware that there were many that viewed him as weak because his methods rarely included excessive violence and threats. He preferred to reach agreements without the use of either.

Kaya frowned a little, immediately shaking his head. "You are! You're a wonderful leader. You are marvelously original and thoughtful. I wouldn't follow anyone else. No one else is worthy of being followed... if I may be so bold as to speak my mind." Kaya softened at the end, realizing he was speaking without permission, but the sincerity shone in his eyes. And it was truth. Kaya was a leader himself, not one to tolerate unoriginal, uncreative and weak people. Apprenticeship he had taken before, learned under the wings of seniors. But learned. Mastered. And when there was nothing left to be gained, Kaya left, by force if provoked. Joining the yakuza was an afterthought, a needed ends to a means that was unavoidable and so when Kaya entered into its ranks, he chose carefully. It was by luck and chance that his gut feelings about Atsushi were correct; otherwise, he would have tried to overthrow him years ago. But Atsushi was the only man he'd take as his commander. And once fealty was given and deserved, it was unshakeable.

“Thank you,” Atsushi said, reaching across the desk to touch Kaya’s hand lightly in his sincerity only to withdraw with haste. It was… inappropriate and unnecessary of him to do such thing. “I would never penalize you for vocalizing your thoughts around me. I appreciate that you do.” Although such praise was hard to accept and embarrassed him, he still valued Kaya’s feelings. “Really.”

Kaya didn't move, the touch to his hand the same to his heart, moved and deeply both pleased and flattered. When Atsushi let go, Kaya stood and bowed deeply, cheeks flushed. "Words cannot express my gratitude."

“Ah.. sit, sit,” Atsushi said gesturing with his hands. His cheeks were equally as flushed as Kaya’s, the man’s actions embarrassing him greatly. He was certainly not worth what Kaya seemed to think he was. “Please, sit.”

Giggling, Kaya sat back down, legs crossing again and thigh splashed free. Absent hands smoothed a few folds down but Kaya didn't bother to cover the flesh that was in sight. He had beautiful legs and he was rather aware of the fact. "Yes, my lord."

“Atsushi. Please call me Atsushi.” Atsushi drained his glass completely of the alcohol contained in it. “Such formalities make me uncomfortable, Kayachan.” He struggled to keep his eyes from wandering to Kaya’s legs as he spoke, the bare bit of skin making it difficult. He cleared his throat.

Hands clasped and placed on his higher knee, Kaya nodded eagerly. "Of course. I'm sorry, my l-... Atsushisan."

“It’s alright.” After that Atsushi was silent a long while. Eventually, he sighed and stood up from his seat so that he could turn and face the window. His hands he shoved deep in his pockets while he gazed outward, eyes moving from building to building. The sky had darkened significantly since he’d last looked and lights shone through windows, similar to what he expected his office to look like from afar. “It is a lovely night, isn’t it?”

Silence, during which Kaya observed his boss. Fake light streamed through the wide window, ran multicolors down Atsushi's body. An impressive display, the movement of the man momentarily robbing Kaya of clear thought. In response, Kaya stood, grace guiding him to stand beside Atsushi, their heights nearly equaled with his heels on. Hands folded in front of his lap, contacted eyes wandered over the dark landscape below. "Mm." Focus flew up, counted the specks of light in a pollution smeared sky. "The stars are gorgeous at this hour."

Atsushi allowed his eyes to linger on Kaya long after he’d finished speaking. He remained silent, the stars clearly not his focus if any had been observing them. From wide sapphire eyes to painted lips his eyes journeyed across the other only to turn back onto the sky that Kaya too gazed out at. “Yes, they are."

Unaware of the scrutiny he had undergone, Kaya glanced over at the words, smiling innocently. Then he looked back up, sighing quietly. "Aah... Do you ever have dreams about walking hand in hand with the person you like and counting the stars together without another human being in sight?"

“I have had dreams similar.” When he awoke he often wished he could return to what he'd been dreaming of. Atsushi glanced at Kaya. “Such dreams tease me so. They are wonderful yet utterly frustrating.”

"Aren't though? But it fills me with fire for the day. To find another type of satisfaction." Kaya turned azure hazed eyes on him, smile softened. White coated fingers wound around each other quietly in front of his lap, picture coy.

“It...it pains me,” he said, stuttering. “There is no such fire. All those dreams do is remind me that I am alone.” Atsushi sighed as he turned to meet Kaya’s gaze. He held it only shortly before glancing out the window again.

Eyes widening, Kaya blinked at his lord for a moment in silence. His first thought was flattery to be trusted like this, privy to honest emotions of his one superior. The second thought was a hope Atsushi didn't tell this to anyone outside of Kaya for his own safety. Such an open heart was easily broken. But how easily such a display warmed others long dead in normal functions. Kaya hesitated but reached out, one hand touching Atsushi's arm in a gentle grip. "My l-... Atsushisan, if I may be so bold... You are not alone in this world."

He was quick to turn his eyes on Kaya, opened wide making already large eyes much more so. The touch surprised him, butterflies in his stomach instantly making an appearance. Silently he stood, not allowing himself to speak for fear that nerves would get the best of him and he’d say something he’d regret later. Atsushi placed his own hand atop Kaya’s. “….thank you.”

Kaya's eyes fell from his master, respectful and somewhat shy at this proximity. What was that? Unsettled? Clearing his throat softly, Kaya nodded a little before offering a quiet, "Of course, my lord. Anytime."

“Atsushi,” he said leaning in close, voice low enough to be a whisper. They were so close now and Atsushi’s fingers tingled slightly. How he would have loved then to touch Kaya, to let his fingers roam freely where they’d not been before. He did not understand the attraction he felt for Kaya, nor did he want to. It would be too confusing, to frustrating to analyze. Slowly, he allowed himself the pleasure of touch, raising one hand to cup Kaya’s chin and turn his face upward gently so that their eyes could meet again.

A soft grip and Kaya drew a sharp, silent breath. He didn't fight; by Atsushi's guidance did he rise, eyes blinking somewhat wide but open, feminine passivity curling through every lash. He was not a timid creature, but this attention from one of the few men he'd consider worthy enough to think of as equal or masters had his heart beating in his throat. A warm crush, the man's name a beautiful breeze to his lips. "Atsushisan."

A low noise in his throat was all he offered in response to his own name. He brought his other hand to Kaya’s neck, gently resting it there on soft skin. With his other he rubbed a slightly calloused thumb over pampered cheek. Atsushi sighed, his breath felt on his own skin and he knew Kaya’s. In their closeness, he would have had to. His breath was heavy as he lowered his himself. He allowed his nose and lips to graze the other’s skin but did not yet take Kaya’s lips in his. Atsushi simply relished in the touch with his eyes closed and traced light lines with his fingers across Kaya’s neck and chest.

Inhale, wine and spice, undefined and brilliant between their mouths. Kaya's lips parted ever so slightly, unintentional. He breathed Atsushi in, a warm shudder running down his long spine. The knots in his stomach dissolved in half, forming butterflies in merry chaos within the pit of him. Twin trembles skirted goosebumps up the backs of his smooth thighs and Kaya had to swallow despite his dry throat. Such gifts of intimacy weren't taken lightly by him. Kaya was not a naive or innocent creature by nature, but thoughts of manipulation of his sexuality to maintain strong loyalty or for mere games were null. Instead, he leaned his forehead after a series of delicate hesitations to Atsushi's, the contact light but binding. The hands before his lap were wrapped together tightly. Breath came quick to him, the movement of his chest fast and shallow, but thankfully only shades audible.

He pulled back only a little when Kaya’s forehead touched his, eyes parted open very slightly as he wetted his lips. His gaze, though obscured by lashes and orange light from the setting sun remained on Kaya so that he knew he was by no means stopping. Both hands now rested about the other’s face, touching him fleetingly before taking their place on Kaya’s lower back. Atsushi pulled him close so that they were touching, the feeling causing a frenzied response by the already formed butterflies in him. He sighed and lowered himself once more, this time lips brushing against lips. His parted and allowed him to taste Kaya’s in a much firmer action, lips pressed into his. Fingers twitched into motion and he sighed contentedly, his breath entering the other.

When Atsushi's hand found his back, his own parted, rising to rest lightly against Atsushi's shoulders, forearms pressed to Atsushi's chest when he himself was pulled closer. A quiet gasp was all he had time for before Atsushi was kissing him. Eyes firmly closed, the pulse pounding steadily through the butterflies assailing him jumped in speed. His head tilted naturally, relaxing in his embrace to kiss him back. Warmth spread from the kumicho through him, transferred in tongue. Slow, affectionate but peaceful, Kaya welcomed him, brushing touches wet and intimate.

Atsushi was slow to pull away, their kiss had not lasted long but he knew his limits, so to speak. He was not a man of much self control when it came to sex and indulging himself in pleasurable situations but at times where feelings of one who mattered were in jeopardy he would slow himself. So he broke their kiss but not completely; a few light pecks at the corner of Kaya’s mouth and finally one last kiss before pulling away completely. They were still close, and Atsushi’s chest rose and fell against Kaya’s with every breath he took. Their breathing seemed at a similar rate, matched almost. From the other’s back he lifted one to the smooth skin of Kaya’s face, thumb brushing lightly against swollen lips. His touch smudge lipstick marred by his own lips and he smiled slightly at the sight.

Kaya didn't chase him, instead smiling blind in the sun of Atsushi's affections until that hand touched his face. His eyes opened, smile giddy and satisfied, hope undeniable in now sparkling irises. Even the fake blues of his contacts couldn't smother it down. A happy little sigh was shared out loud and he slid his arms loosely around Atsushi's neck. Kaya hugged him, cheek leaned lightly to cheek, taking in his answering heartbeat, bodies honestly pressed against each other. Turning his head just so, lips near Atsushi's ear, he could easily drown himself in the scent of Atsushi's hair.

“Mmm.” Atsushi, as they embraced, rested in the spot between Kaya’s shoulders and neck. He nuzzled his nose against soft skin and allowed himself the pleasure of tasting said skin, a coy kiss that, of course, was completely innocent. Still, he smiled sheepishly against the other while appreciating the warm intimacy of their embrace.

Idly, Kaya swayed a little, his light hold on Atsushi bringing the man with him in his slow rocking from side to side. He hummed back, voice low and pleasant. A kiss was left on Atsushi's cheek in kind, caring and undemanding. Happiness was the rage of the butterflies in his stomach, borderline glee swelling in his chest.

"And to think," his voice a low murmur to Atsushi's ear, "I haven't even given you my tithe yet."

Atsushi laughed, pulling back slightly so that he could look at Kaya. “Don’t think you’re getting out of that one,” Atsushi said. He kept it as light as possible, not wanting to completely change the mood back into that of a business meeting.

Kaya obediently leaned back a little, fingers looping together where they dangled behind Atsushi's head, his arms straight. A coy grin worked through his mouth and he shook his head. "Never. I was just musing what you'll do when I give you something, since doing nothing at all has managed to prompt such gifts."

Atsushi smirked at the remark. “It depends on my mood,” he replied, lips spreading into an even wider smile. “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

Laughing, Kaya failed miserably when he tried to mock pout. Giving up to a grin, one hand broke to brush thick strands of hair behind Atsushi's left ear, stroking. "I see. Anticipation of the unknown is almost a gift in and of itself."

“You think so?” Atsushi questioned as he finally pulled himself from their embrace. Not that he wanted to but if he remained he fear they might idly remain in such a position for the rest of the evening. He slid his hands into his pockets and looked away smiling shyly to glance out the window again.

Reluctant but accepting, silk gloved arms slid away from Atsushi without open complaint. Kaya's smiled faltered a little, but nothing he couldn't easily recover from. Disconnected, his hands clasped together once more modestly in front, but his eyes still lingered on his boss's form. "Yes. You can kill a man with anticipation. But you can also take him to Nirvana the same way."

“Too true,” he said, leaning back on his desk, eyes moving from window to Kaya. He brought a hand to his lips, fingers lightly touching delicate flesh; he could still feel the others’ against his. He smiled to himself, content and satisfied. “I’ll be careful, then. I’d not like to do away with you so quickly.”

Distracted, his eyes jerked back from watching those fingers press against the man's lips to focusing on Atsushi's eyes. Lashes lowered and Kaya angled his body towards the window. "I appreciate the kindness," humor lacing his words in the smile on his mouth.

Atsushi was silent, smile apparent as he lowered his hands, folded them and let them rest lightly on his lap. His eyes remained on Kaya for a short while before quickly resting on his watch. It was getting late. “Ahhh…I suppose you should give me your payment,” he said, sighing and feeling strange asking for it considering what they had just done. Ah, well, there was nothing he could do. Kaya did still work for him, after all.

"Hm? Ah, yes! Of course." He moved with feminine grace to his abandoned chair, scooping up his purse. A casual envelope with a black rose insignia framing his own signature K in dark gothic script marked the center. It was laid with care on Atsushi's desk, fat with orderly cash. "Here you are." In reflex, he took out a compact, peeking at himself. Pale lipstick smudged, he carefully wiped it back into proper line, a cheeky smile left behind when he put the compact away.

“Thank you,” Atsushi said. He, of course would check the envelope later for how much was given although he trusted Kaya to give him what was owed. At the moment, he wasn’t too concerned with that. His focus was on Kaya, smiling as he fixed his smudged lipstick, “I’ll have to be more careful next time.”

The simple and blunt mention of there *being* a repeat of this cast a bright smile on Kaya's face. He laughed quietly and shook his head a little. "It was lovely."

He smirked. Indeed it had been lovely. Atsushi stood and wandered to where his suit jacket hung on the coat rack. He pulled it down and slid on with ease. Back at the desk he took the envelope and dropped it into the inside pocket. “I would like to leave,” he said, “but perhaps before we go our separate ways we could have a late dinner…”

Who was he to deny an invitation of the kumicho? Bowing, "I would be honored." Despite the lingering formality of his word choice, the warm and happy smile tweaking the corners of his eyes spoke of the absolute sincerity of his sentiment.
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