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[LOG] Exo-Chika & Kirito

Exo-Chika has some time off from her job, and decides to pick up a good read at a small bookstore. Rated G.

Sunday morning and the sun was showing its face to the world in a fantastic display of light anyone who knew the slender blonde's true nature would not dare believe that for once, she actually enjoyed it. Exo-chika was one to despise the light of that vile star hanging in the heavens like a burning piñata, but, today was different. It was her day off at the club so she did not have to worry about getting ready and as it seemed, she had no business to attend to or any heads to chop off. It was in days like these that the vixen chose to indulge in her relatively wholesome pleasures today’s choice: Reading.
Her cascading mane was held up in a high ponytail and on her nose rested a pair of large, black sunglasses. Her form was adorned by a simple white dress and a small, short black jacket. Her seemingly delicate hands,carefully accentuated with short, black lace gloves, held nothing save her black purse. She slowly made her way to non other than her favorite book store, Kashikame, small, two stories.. but relatively cozy, and it never disappointed her. She smiled softly as she stepped inside, taking off her sunglasses, her science fiction contact green eyes scanning the clean, white interior. She seemed like the perfect scholar, until one paid attention to her mouth and saw those white gleaming fangs.

It had been too long since Kirito had been able to work in his store. Most yakuza had side jobs, called their actual jobs, and Kirito's reflected on of the few pure pleasures he had in life: reading. He knew well his smaller stock of books, keeping up to date while reflecting the past. He stocked what he liked along with what he expected to sell and what he found culturally important. Kashikame (the turtle part left unvoiced to drive the point home) was one of the few small book stores remaining, "family" operated and refusing to succumb to being bought by a larger business. He had all the customers he needed, and he felt that he could actually give back to his country by selling knowledge and entertainment. It was not crass, it was informative, and Kashikame was a haven for those who savoured sophism. He straightened out his happi coat and picked a piece of linen off of his kimono, looking almost happily as a somewhat familiar blonde form walked in. He'd seen her what, maybe once or twice before when he was in. Maybe if he'd not another occupation, he could devote more of his personal effort to the store. But as it was, he left it in good hands when he was attending to other matters. He bowed with a perfunctory "Irasshimase~"

Just as poised as she usually was, Exo-chika replied to the bow with one of her own. She ws always one to respond with other's actions with an equal reaction.. at least when it came to normal everyday situations. Her glasses had long being placed in her purse. Today she was searching for Baron de Montesquie's Persan letters and like always she countd on Kashikame to provide her with said book. She walked up to the friendly looking male that had addressed her and politely smiled. "Hello," She began her voice in a sweet tone. "It's nice to be here again. I was wondering if you'd happen to have a collection of the persian letters, by Baron de Montesquieu."

"Ah, a repeat customer; you grace our shop, miss," Kirito answered politely. He typed quickly on the computer console in front of him. Normally he'd direct a customer to the western historical literature section, but for a repeat customer, he preferred to make sure he had such a compilation in stock. And he wanted to check he hadn't listed the Persian Letters under humour in a fit of black literary comedy he was wont to experience. Oh. Well. He must have been feeling sarcastic furing that shipment categorization. "I have two in stock, miss." He stepped out from behind the counter, speaking respectfully to a spot under her face before making his way to the humour section.

"That's wonderful!" Exo-chika nodded at the man thankfully; the blank expression that always seemed to take over her features soon dissapearing as she followed the other and turning into a display of fanged amusement at seeing the desired book's placement. Of course she understood why it was there, there was a reason to her wanting to read it... the woman was definitely not what one describe as peaches and cream, and chances were that in her own library The Persian letters would end in the section deemed for amusement. "Interesting choice of organization, I take it your stocked copies of Candide, if any, must be nearby.."
"I should hope so," Kirito answered with what approached a smile. "Right next to the 'Very Special Episode of Zorc and Pals.' " Approaching the middle of one of the bookshelves, lines of which cramped the back of the store with little crannies at the end where a reader could curl up and enjoy, the man bent down to retrieve the paper-bound volume. "Here it is; is there anything else I can interest you in?" He stood up gracefully and impeccably stright, presenting the book in the traditional Japanese way.

The blonde stood behind the man, a few steps away looking at the shelves, and liking the smell of crisp, flimsy paperwhich managed to distract herfor a few seconds but was quickly brought back to her quest as the other presented the book; which she took delicately and with a small bow, as well as a softly whispered "thankyou.." and a shake of the head. "That's all I need for today, thankyou.."

"Very well." Shinya sauntered back to the front desk where a ruffian in strategically torn black clothes and far too many piercings waited. "Irasshaimase; may I help you sir?" Kirito bowed for public appearances, but he recognized the wakachu, one of the many on the list for possible promotion.
"Yeah, I'm here to pick up the copies of 'Blue Waterfall' fer the display downtown." The man's words were somewhat forced, but Kirito paid that no heed as he started up the checkout program on the computer for his lady customer.
"You'll find them in the back along with the back entrance for deliveries," he responded somewhat coolly, bereift of the friendly air the blonde had blown in. The ruffian passed through the stoor, leaving behind muddy brown tracks with a foul smell.

Sure enough, her nature brought her green eyes to scan the goon with cat like stealth, scrunchng up her nose at the stench. This was no delivery man, everything about him reeked of underground bussiness and like any socialite would know there was no display downtown, at least not any intellectual ones... and judging by the way the man over the counter had responded he was no usual clerk; but then again she wasn't the usual graceful blonde. Maybe it hadn't been just the books that drew her to this certain book store after all, a thought that tugged at the corner of her lips revealing that rare, fanged smile, which could make her seem vicious at times. Regardless, whatever they were doing, was none of her bussiness and as selfish as she was if it did not affect her she wasn't going to intervene. "Hmm, silly delivery men.... someone should tell them to at least wipe their feet before coming in." She huffed, remaining concentrated on what lay ahead.

"Yes, it's so unsophisticated," Murata agreed, taking the copy of the Persian Letters to scan over the barcode sensor. A few key-taps later and the purchase was legal. Unlike the back room. "I'll have to clean that," He referred to the stained floor, the stench of it becoming clear: blood and street. "Cash or credit?" He asked, looking at the young lady with the twisted smile.

"Cash." She said right away, taking the exact ammount out of her purse, unmoved by the familiar smell and looking at the clerck straight in the eyes. "Should make him clean it up himself, his fault anyway." She said with a nod, and a slight shrug of the shoulders, whilst tugging at her glove; now in a surprisingly good mood.

"Perhaps I shall," He mused, glancing back as the thug's body resurfaced in the rear of the store. Reaching behind him, he lifted a mop like a javelin, and sent it flying to the back towards the punk where it clattered just at his feet, causing the wakachu to jump slightly under the weight of the boc he carried. "Put that down and clean the floor. Clean yourself first, you're a disgrace." He turned back to his incredibly patient customer, placing a coupon under the cover of the book. "My apologies for the disturbance miss. I hope you will forgive this inequity and return to our store."

Obviously she watched the display amused, taking her book carefully as if it were made of some precious, delicate crystal which could break upon undesired contact. But all in all, yes.. she'd be back, as much as she liked the store, now she liked it even more. "It's not any trouble, It takes more than a silly punk with dirty feet to get rid of me." She said almost without thinking about it, holding her cherished object under her arm. "Thankyou." She said once again, bowing slightly and turning towards the door, who knew, maybe someday if she was bored enough.. she'd figure out what exactly hid inside the turtle's shell.

Kirito shot an ugly glance at the wakachu for a second, then walked forward with stony composure, bearing a large soft package. The Wakachu cringed, returning from the back room sopping wet and carrying a pail, the mop stuck under one arm askew and unwieldy. "Put it on," The Kumicho commanded.
The wakachu made a puppy face and a short whine, but knew better than to verbally refuse.
"I said put it on." Kirito threw the package at the wakachu, who caught it clumsily. A few minutes later, Peace returned to the store with the manager waiting patiently at his desk and an employee in matching garb and green headband cleaning up the floor. Just another normal day at Kashikame.
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