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There has been absolutely no activity for a good three weeks. Considering the number of muns and muses we have here, that's just ridiculous. Granted, I have not done much myself, but I have been busy with tests and interviews for school and haven't been much online.

I've come to the conclusion that none of you care about being in this community anymore. So rather than just toss everyone out, I'm considering closing down the community for good.
I'm not happy about this thought. I love my community. I think it's an awesome premise for an RP community. I have had lots of fun RPing in this world and I would like nothing more than to continue with it. But it seems to me that none of you do.

If you don't want me to close this community, then do something about it. Comment here. Post logs. PROMOTE US. I cannot stress that enough. Show me that you care about this community and believe that it could be something great.

I will do my best to find the the time this week to do some promotion of my own and I may even pick up a second muse for myself to try to help jumpstart things. If things do not pick up by July 30th, I will close the community.

Comment here or IM me at ChasteSin939 with any questions or suggestions.

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