There has been absolutely no activity for a good three weeks. Considering the number of muns and muses we have here, that's just ridiculous. Granted, I have not done much myself, but I have been busy with tests and interviews for school and haven't been much online.

I've come to the conclusion that none of you care about being in this community anymore. So rather than just toss everyone out, I'm considering closing down the community for good.
I'm not happy about this thought. I love my community. I think it's an awesome premise for an RP community. I have had lots of fun RPing in this world and I would like nothing more than to continue with it. But it seems to me that none of you do.

If you don't want me to close this community, then do something about it. Comment here. Post logs. PROMOTE US. I cannot stress that enough. Show me that you care about this community and believe that it could be something great.

I will do my best to find the the time this week to do some promotion of my own and I may even pick up a second muse for myself to try to help jumpstart things. If things do not pick up by July 30th, I will close the community.

Comment here or IM me at ChasteSin939 with any questions or suggestions.

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I am not a particularly pleased Mod at the moment. However, I realize that the things I'm unhappy about could be simple misunderstandings/lack of communication.
Therefore, I have made a few additions to the community info/rules. Since I know not everyone will go look, I will re-post the points here:

Relating to muse death
As stated in the rules, if you wish to kill someone else's muse, you must first discuss it with them first.
This now includes putting a hit out on someone else's muse. You must discuss it with the assassin of your choice as well as the mun of the muse intended for the hit. No hits are to be issued without first discussing the plot intended to go along with them. This is to avoid confusion or having anyone take it personally.

Relating to interaction between rival gangs
The rules state two options for interactions with muses outside of your immediate group. The first of these requires no extra attention as there is nothing wrong with it (refer to option A in the community info). The second, however, refers to interactions with muses in rival or enemy gangs that are friendly (including business deals of all kinds) or romantic in nature. It comes with a stipulation that must be observed (refer to option B in the community info).
If you have a plot idea that involves the latter of these options, please be sure to inform me beforehand so there will be no confusion regarding the understanding and observance of the rules. That is not to say that you must ask for my permission, simply that you must inform me of your plans so that I do not mistakenly accuse you of breaking or circumventing the rules.

Relating to any other scenarios not clearly stated in the rules
I have tried to think of all possibilities and include them in the rules. However, I know that there are many grey areas that may surface that will not have been specifically addressed in the rules.
Anything not clearly stated in the rules should be treated with caution. Do NOT proceed with any plot involving something that gives you cause to be unsure whether or not it is against the rules before first discussing it with me.

I hope this will clear things up for the future.

I have also updated the archives with the latest logs.

If you have any questions concerning the new rules and/or how they may/should affect current plotlines, feel free to IM me.



FINALLY! Archives, Friend Add, Claims List, and Affiliation List have all been updated.

Aside from that, I have just a couple of things to say.

First of all, I will accept NO MORE applications for muses to be placed in the Sixth Yamaguchi-gumi until further notice. At the moment it has the most members while there are other branches that have only a few and need to grow. When these other branches gain at least a couple more members each, I will re-open the Sixth Yamaguchi-gumi.

Please, please, please remember that knowledge of your muse's personality or stage persona is essential to acceptance of your application. If you have reasons for portraying them differently, I do expect a background or explanation of why their personality would differ so drastically in this setting. However, for the most part I would prefer that you not stray further from the truth than need be.

That is all. Thank you!

Yuuga-mun / MOD
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Coming to you from my personal journal again. Sorry for that.

I have a lot to update and I know that. We've been experiencing some internet difficulties as of late and I'm not online much because of that. I will get everything updated as soon as I can and until then I ask that you bear with me.

I'm happy to see more recent activity and I do hope this trend continues. If at any point you do happen to spot me online, please don't hesitate to IM me with any questions or to RP a little. I will do my best to get everything updated by the end of this week.