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|| claim peggy ||

tMun's LJ: agreeably_odd 
Mun's AIM: Postscript Gauze

Muse's Name: Peggy
Muse's Band: The Candy Spooky Theater
Muse's LJ: bloody_pinholes 
Muse's AIM: cum and red ink

Age: eighteen
Affiliation: 6th yamaguchi-gumi (under Nero)
Job: whore

"Fuck, I need money." Peggy's morphine supply was gone. Spent it last night in a binge. Stupid bitch. Stupid fucking whore. It's all gone now.
Strolling down the streets, the crossdressing midget frantically scrambled through his bag to find one last vial of the sedative. Preparing a used needle, he sat in a doorway and watched the liquid seep into the syringe and watched the bubbles float. If he chose to inject with even a bubble, a massive heart attack would occur and this fucking horrible life would be over. Setting the needle to the moon, he waited for the dark silence and breathing to catch him in the face.

Ten minutes later, he was skipping down the sidewalk with a new doll clutched to his ragged chest.

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