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Claim//Ryoichi Endo

Your LJ: gastly
Your AIM: lovedakishimetai

Muse's Name: Ryoichi Endo
Muse's Band: Ends, ex-SOFT BALLET
Muse's LJ: no_pleasure
Muse's AIM: indv revolution

Muse's Age: 33 (for the sake of this game, he is a few years younger)
Muse's Affiliation: Sixth Yamaguchi-gumi; Wakachu
Muse's Job: Model in adult films (pr0n)
Sample Post:

"I've killed you, haven't I?" Her limp form was pathetic, a sight to be pitied by any man who laid eyes upon her. Ryoichi, hands rested deftly on narrow hips gazed at her. Their time together had been short.

It was unfortunate that it had to happen this way. He'd not meant for it to be like this and there was nothing he could do. No magic to take him to the past where perhaps wrongs could be made right. It was all he could do then, to give her a proper burial. But then, what was considered proper in this situation? That, he did not know. He eventually decided to carry her from his apartment outside where perhaps there would be somewhere more appropriate; there was no point in letting her sit there, life no longer coursing though that once lively specimen. Such a shame, such a pity.

As if not to disturb her in her fragility he lifted her from the spot carefully. She was not heavy and it was a simple task to take her downs stairs and outside where her plot would be. Large, steel and green marred with rust and filth. What a sad sight. Ryoichi took one last sad look before tossing her into the dumpster. It was the best place for her, really.

What else was one to do with a dead house plant?

Comments: I know this has nothing to do with what his occupation is... but really he likes plants... And this font. The reason he isn't higher ranking in the yamaguchi-gumi is because he's not really goin' around shooting people. He's... floucing about having sex with people on video. Yes. Things. He's just there because his company happens to be owned by them. If that is alright, of course. If not let me know.
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