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❖ a b o u t
Welcome to the Asian underworld, where drugs, blackmail, smuggling, deception, and murder are as commonplace as cell phones.
The community name, ninkyō dantai, is the term Yakuza use to describe themselves (chivalrous organizations)
In Japan, the Yakuza.
In China, the Triads.
In Korea, the Jopok.
Pick your poison (or your pleasure). Anything can happen and anything goes when you're above the law.

❖ r u l e s
✪ You may claim 3 muses only.
✪ You may not claim more than one muse per band/group.
✪ Your muse/s may be from Japan, China, or Korea and may be either male or female. Your muse must, however, have a recording career. Hong Kong idols that act and sing (ex. : Nic Tse) are perfectly acceptable.
✪ Your muse MUST be in a gang! When you choose a gang affiliation, make sure you put Koreans in the Jopok, Chinese in the Triads (choose which group), Japanese in the Yakuza (and choose which Yakuza branch). Females (for the purposes of this RP) are allowed to join the major gangs. If you think that your Korean muse has the right to join the Yakuza (or vice versa, etc.) you may present an argument for it to the mods and we will decide if it's valid or not.

You may also give your muse one of the following affiliations:
Law enforcement (police officer, lawyer, private investigator, etc.)
Muses with such professions may or may not be in a Yakuza/Triad/Jopok gang. Straight shooter or crooked cop, it's up to you.
✪ Please keep all OOC disputes out of the community. If you are having a problem with another member of the community, please bring such disputes to the attention of the mod.
✪ Only muse claims and RP logs are to be posted in the main community. Hiatus notices, plot discussions, muse drops, etc. are to be posted in the OOC community.
✪ You must have AIM to participate in the game
✪ Please stay as true to character as possible. For example, Shinya can't be a wise-cracking, cold-blooded killer.
✪ You must update your muse journal at least twice a month. If there is a reason you are unable to do so, please bring it to the attention of the mods.
✪If you drop your muse for any reason or lose them due to inactivity, you must wait ONE MONTH before you may submit an application for them again. This is to allow others who may be interested in claiming said muse have a chance to do so.
✪ If you need to go on hiatus for any reason, please let the mods know.
✪ No god-playing. It is not up to you to dictate the behaviour of anyone else's muse but your own.
✪ Yaoi, yuri, and heterosexual love are all accepted and, indeed, they are encouraged.
✪ All logs must be placed under an LJ-cut. If a log contains sexual situations it must be friends locked.
✪ Claiming of any deceased persons is strictly prohibited. No exceptions. Don't even ask.
✪ Don't write fanfic. In other words, don't RP with yourself. RPing with someone else using more than one of your own muses is fine.
✪ Considering the nature of this community, muse death is acceptable. You may have your muse die/kill someone else's muse AS LONG AS YOU HAVE DISCUSSED IT WITH THE OTHER PARTY/IES INVOLVED. This includes putting a hit out on someone. You must discuss it with the assassin of your choice as well as the mun of the muse intended for the hit. You may NOT randomly kill someone else's muse without first talking to them about it and you may not have your muse mysteriously die. It must be part of a storyline.
✪Romantic interactions between members of rival gangs is frowned upon and discouraged. We are not saying that you're not allowed to do it, however there are a few things we ask you to keep in mind:
We would like every action to have an equal and opposite reaction mirroring what would/might possibly happen if the situation was taking place in real life. For someone to get romantically involved with or befriend a member of an opposing gang faction, it would bring dishonor on their "family". It shows disrespect of their kumicho and a lack of loyalty to their gang. There would be serious consequences and this fact cannot be ignored.
Therefore we ask that if you are thinking about interacting on a friendly or romantic basis with someone not in your faction, that you do so
a) with someone in a group that is under the same umbrella group as your muse (ex.- Any group affiliated with the Sixth Yamaguchi-gumi would all be allies and therefore acceptable without any adverse consequences).
b) with caution and with the full knowledge that the friendship or affair must be found out and that both muses must be punished by their respective kumicho. In this scenario, please be sure that each kumicho discusses with their shatei/wakachu the severity of their punishment. We leave the punishments at the kumicho's discretion but strongly encourage them to realize that at the very least betrayal of one's "family" results in a missing body part and worse.
If you have a plot idea that involves the latter of these options, please be sure to inform the MOD beforehand so there will be no confusion.


❖ a p p l i c a t i o n
A journal for your muse is required. Please make the journal before applying and post the application using the muse's journal. Your muse's journal can not be used for any other roleplay. Make your sample post coherent and remember that spelling and grammar count. Your sample post should be a good display of how you perceive your muse. We believe it is very important to KNOW YOUR MUSE and you should be able to prove to us through your sample post that you do. We understand that since this is AU certain aspects of their personality will be different, however we expect the main aspects that make up the bulk of who they are to remain as true to character as possible. We hold the right to reject anyone who doesn't present an acceptable sample post.
Please choose your branch affiliation. For Yakuza, please also indicate kumicho (boss), shatei (younger brother), or wakachu (child). For Jopok, please also indicate Chaebol (head of Jopok), Sungsenim (elder), Hyungnim (boss), Jongsa (warrior), or other. Be sure to read the rules and explanations of each mafia group before making your decision. Also be sure to check the Affiliation List (found below).

Subject Line: Claim//Name of muse
Your LJ:
Your AIM:

Muse's Name:
Muse's Band:
Muse's LJ:
Muse's AIM:
(under LJ-cut)
Muse's Age:
Muse's Affiliation:
Muse's Job:
Sample Post:

❖ m o d e r a t o r s
If you have a problem or question please contact the mod. I'm here to make sure everyone enjoys the community and has fun.

 ▷ chastesin939
 ▷ chromosome.six@gmail.com

❖ m e m b e r s
After you've been accepted please use the following links to help enhance your roleplay experience. All hold requests are to be made on the claims list post.
claims listfriends addmemoriesaffiliation listooc community

❖ p r o m o t e
If you wish to promote the community in your muse's journal, your own journal or anywhere else you wish, feel free to use one of the banners below.